• Monday | May 20 | 6:30 PM-9:00 PM

    Dinner in the Galleries with Cadence

    Join us for a very special dinner in the gallery, among Moore's artwork inspired by farm-to-table dining. The dinner on May 20th will be created by Cadence Restaurant. Bon Appétit named Cadence one of the nation's best new restaurants in 2018. They have generously agreed to donate their services to create this delicious, thought-provoking dining experience as a fundraiser for The Clay Studio. The dinner will be shaped to respond directly to the ceramics chosen. Chef Jon Nodler and Resident Artist Roberta Massuch will be there to discuss their respective creative practices, and the connections they hope to highlight between making food and ceramics.

    Cadence is a regional American BYOB restaurant located in the South Kensington neighborhood offering a thoughtful and nuanced menu that focuses on some of the best ingredients the region has to offer.

    The chefs at Cadence feel strongly about using hand made ceramics. Jon Nodler studied ceramics at UW River Falls and UW Madison. He feels that the art and craft involved in creating functional ceramics is very much in line with creating a plate of food that you serve to guests every night of the week. There is the art in the creation and the original vision, followed by the craft of repetition in the process. He and his partners feel strongly that the entire experience is dictated by more than just the food on the plate. It is also made up of all of the elements surrounding the food, from the space, to the music to the textures that the guest is exposed to.

    They use a range of handmade ceramics at Cadence to show the parallels between well crafted ceramics and well crafted food. The Clay Studio Resident Artist Roberta Massuch was commissioned by Cadence to create all the tea and coffee cups for the dining service.

    Monday | May 20 | 6PM-9PM | $150/person

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