The Clay Studio galleries and admin offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th in honor of Juneteenth.

Jenny Blicharz

I grew up in a woodsy New England town, part of a family of carpenters, tailors, craft store managers, engine mechanics, painters, and wild mushroom foragers. Combining my childhood love for puff paint, Sculpey, Super Nintendo and Calvin & Hobbes, I work as both a freelance illustrator and a ceramic artist. Drawn to the process of making and the fine detail work of crafting an object, I strive to bring the whimsical, fanciful, fun, made-up worlds I escape to in my head to life through clay, brush, pen, paper, and digital screens. Originally trained in digital illustration, transitioning to creating with clay has been a vital way for me to reconnect with crafting an object you can hold in your hands; something that can transport the viewer, holder, or owner to a different place for a moment in time.

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