In accordance with city guidelines, The Clay Studio has resumed quarterly classes. DATE NIGHTS are currently on hold due to the pandemic. You are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for future workshops (Date Nights will be back!)

Heidi Anne Vera

I work functional pieces created mostly on the potter's wheel. I propose forms that affirm their value in the difference. From my gaze and my creative process, I seek to manifest the relationship between nature, spirituality, and the space I inhabit. I focus on pieces that are small works of art for everyday use, for example, cups with affirmations, smokers, plates, vases, pots, etc. Pieces that invite you to live beautifully in our daily practices. My purpose is to create objects that also contribute to the general well-being of the people. Enhance the charm of everyday rituals such as having a coffee. I use local clay to enrich the ceramic glazes, and my goal is to move slowly to the local clay. I use glazes prepared in the workshop, as well as commercial glazes that I alter to make them unique. In short, my artistic practice revolves around creating habitual objects that connect us with beauty, with this precise moment through the touch, and bring us instantly where life is made, the present.

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