In accordance with city guidelines, The Clay Studio has resumed quarterly classes. DATE NIGHTS are currently on hold due to the pandemic. You are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for future workshops (Date Nights will be back!)

Matt Becker

I am interested in the collisions of history and circumstance that result in identity. Clay is a pliable and flexible media and can embody a wide vocabulary of abstraction. I allow it to warp, twist, and succumb to the kiln to reflect the diversity of expression endemic to the media. My work speaks through empathy and the intuitive languages we share that can’t be put into words. There is a certain relief in finding the intangible qualities within us outside of ourselves, as if by exposing them to the light we can face them and take their measure. Awareness through empathy is what allows us to understand the world and can uncover traits that will bridge us rather than divide us.

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