Eileen Sackman

I am drawn to current issues endangering the diverse species and environments of our planet. The creating process affords me an opportunity to engage the viewer in conversation. The forms I construct are essential for communication. This exploration and the formation of my work opens a venue for change. My current series of work is a study of animal poaching and the endangerment of the worlds animals. The abuse and exploitation of animals has driven many of the world’s species to near extinction and beyond. It is my hope to open the minds and hearts of the viewers. Through the versatility of clay I create sculptural and functional forms fired in a traditional anagama kiln. My most recent work combines bas relief portraits and the vessel. Portraiture has been utilized throughout history to document a historical event, to embellish the sitter's status or beauty, or to act as a memorial for a loved one. In this series of work I utilize portraiture to communicate an emotional message to the viewer. The endangerment of the world's wildlife has been in need of imperative action. These animals I have created portraits of are memorialized in both large sculpture and on the surface of ceramic vessels. They create a sense of family, relationship, sorrow, loneliness, abandonment strength and power.

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