In accordance with new city guidelines, The Clay Studio will pause our school programming beginning November 20. Retail hours will remain the same. We will plan to resume the fall term beginning January 4, 2021. Check for general updates here. Meanwhile, explore our virtual classes, talks, and events, and help support our teachers and artists.

Katie McColgan

I explore material in reaction to my relationships with spaces and objects. Through the visual organization of memories and feelings, I create my own understanding of these relationships. Small objects are used as character stand-ins for the body, the feeling, the thing, and different combinations and inventions of these. In rearranging objects within a grid or list, I wrangle the intangible into something tactile. The work, often referencing the familiar, seems to almost be the thing but not exactly the thing. By contextualizing the work in familiarity, I use the “almost” to invite the viewer to make their own understandings of the relationships situated within the work. Through the attachment of charms, which tend to be miniaturized souvenirs of an experience or identity signifier, I invite the viewer in closer for an intimate experience. I seek to capture emotion in material whether it's incorporating humor, rendering tangled feelings, or disrupting lines with emotion. By solidifying an emotion brought upon by memory within the permanence of clay, often rendered to be fragile, I acknowledge that the object will only ever go so far as to nudge these sharp memories back up into fleeting feelings, which are always quick to soften.

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