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Darien Ariokski-Johnson

My most recent work utilizes transfer techniques as a means to address the circularity of human consciousness, to draw parallels between visual and verbal/written language, and to question the changing state of perceptual experience as digital technologies continue to influence the human condition. In much of my early work the compositions were fractured and “glitched.” Raising questions about the current state of memory as we become more reliant on the screen to navigate and recall our experiences. While these concerns remain evident, they are less central. As the work evolves, various systems of mark making are used to address technological integration as a fundamental component of human behavior and a means to accentuate artistic intuition, while continuing to address the disruptive nature of our devices. Near photorealistic renderings coexist and overlap loose sketch-like marks, and are often intersected by digital “scribbles,” a simple yet poignant means to indicate a physical interaction with our devices. The amalgamation of these processes along with the physicality allotted by the porcelain form results in a manifested reflection of the current state of perceptual consciousness.

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