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Bernadette Larimer

I am interested in mysticism as it relates to place. My work explores a fantastical world related to spirituality, the environment, and the divine feminine mystique. Each piece tells a story which is not always evident to the viewer. My work is influenced by the feminine images, sculptures, and carvings from Antiquity and in particular the ancient pottery and ceramic figures found throughout the world. For example the Neolithic bird snake goddess figures from the Vinča site in Europe and the Moche’s ceramic sculptural vessels from the pre-Columbian Cupsinique culture of Southern America. My art is focused on ceramic sculpture with some additional materials and functional ceramics. I create human like beings with androgynous or simple feminine forms, references to anthropomorphic forms, and other mystical creatures. They are Spirit Dancers that appear to celebrate, contemplate, or begin a journey of reawakening from a memory of a different time and place. There is a profound connection with the Earth and celestial universe. In essence I am making a mythology. In this contemporary moment I find myself, perhaps more than ever, as human civilization finds itself at an impasse. Stuck between scientific progress, ecologic crisis, polarized political divisions, and fear of “the other”, I believe human beings are moving more and more inward. My work then aims to make tangible my own fantasies of a world reconnected to our base hopes and desire for symbiosis with the landscape and communities we live in. In a quiet and poetic manner, it is my hope that my sculptures can let the viewer explore their own visions.

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