Kopal Seth

“Across the stages of migration, I have confronted levels of emotional and social complexities. The farther I am from my roots, the more I want to strengthen my connection to India. Through a process of observation and reflection on every day, I grow the desire to house a cultural identity within my work. My work is an assemblage where past, present and future layer atop history and memories. To reclaim the kindred character of the craft culture of my country, I seek to rediscover those values that resonate with me through re-contextualized forms. Clay acts as my drawing tool to outline social structures, psychology, traditions and a sense nostalgia. I embrace and harness the purity within the moments of destruction that come easy while working with clay. The brokenness and nothingness of such fragments forms the backdrop of my poetic observations as they re scale their presence as relief in my work. I use the forgotten vessels and forms as a canvas to project my observations gleaned from a fast and changing world. I populate the core form with surface additions, to create an overwhelming visual impression that captures the systematic chaos of the urban.”

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