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Patsy Cox

Flying into any large urban center, as you approach the descent you notice once stagnant structures begin to flurry with activity. The sheer volume and intensity of place becomes apparent instantaneously. A snapshot of our contemporary time, of excess, consumption and unrelenting activity. Forms found in nature are also of special interest. There is simplicity and perfection in their appearance, patterns and growth. The conceptual combination of the manmade metropolis with the clumping, sprouting, flowering structures of natural plant life provides a point of intersection. I think obsessively, I work incessantly, I move constantly. Diversity, assimilation, growth and movement within the context of a particular place have become the focus of my installation-based sculptures. They are representations of the urban landscape, the mixtures of culture, race, identity, and a comment on how these factors appear in a particular space as defined by its confines and surroundings. My pieces are fabricated from clay, in a traditional way, fired and glazed. All pieces are true to the process and traditions of ceramics and are shaped by my own hands. Simultaneously, I strive to conceive and present the work in contradiction to accepted conventions of my chosen material.

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