Scott Lykens

As a formally trained studio potter, I enjoy participating in the processes of ceramics. It is not simply the destination that grows me as an artist but rather the entire journey. I make my clay, slips and glazes, and paint my images all on forms I have made by hand. I fire these red earthenware pots a little hotter than traditional majolica potters and they ring like porcelain as opposed to dull expected from terra cotta flower pots. I prefer to use red earthenware clay because its working class roots appeal to me. My forms are references from my academic background and my images depict a story of events in my life. Typically these events have been a thorn in my side and I find painting the images a cathartic resolution. I have never enjoyed telling sad stories so the images I paint do not seem to reflect the thorns but rather appear to be a gathering of bright cheerful colors and images that raise a smile or eyebrow rather than make your shoulders sink. Often the titles create a scene or a prelude to the story each piece tells. I do try to keep utility in mind however as I still want to make pots that people enjoy using.

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