Cara Williams

I see my pieces as quick stop motion animations, where each side of the piece is a new frame of the story. I enjoy hearing reactions when someone rotates a piece and sees the story is continuing. The “Morning with Miro and Calder” vase is to commemorate the penguin field trips to art museums this year. Similar to the penguins I have found myself pausing before some pieces of art and quickly waddling past other pieces. The “Going Hunting” tumbler is a friendship story where the crab is releasing his friends from the octopus’s net before they become dinner. The “Friends with Flags” cup combines my love of “The Bing Bang Theory” flag episodes and the movie “My Neighbor Totoro” by Studio Ghibli. I love the idea of having Koinobori carp streamers flying behind my scooter. I usually throw utilitarian pieces in a porcelain clay body, and decorate with underglazes and a clear glaze. I am most happy when working on a new design. My hope is that others have fun when using the pieces.

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