Giulia Longhi

I’m Giulia Longhi, born and raised in Venice - Italy, I studied art, architecture and photography. A couple of years ago I followed a friend to a ceramic class and I fell in love with this material, as people say here: I got hooked! Having a background as an architect, I like to exploit building processes, concepts and projects designs connected with human figure, time and space. The problem-solving part is what moves my research and generally it is what points me toward new ideas and experimentations. Clay is a medium of freedom, its three-dimensionality allows ventured volumes for inventions. Working with clay is somehow observing an architectural project at the microscope. Principles stand, lines and curves are touched by the light that creates objects and where lines and curves cover the surfaces they create other fascinating realities to explore. My personal investigation in ceramic is focusing on ergonomic and practical aesthetic of functional products. Since as human being we all are limited editions of one, ceramic is leaving me with different 1:1 scale prototypes to compare in order to deliver some answers to the question “how many times can you solve a problem?”.

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