In accordance with city guidelines, The Clay Studio has resumed quarterly classes. DATE NIGHTS are currently on hold due to the pandemic. You are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for future workshops (Date Nights will be back!)

Stephanie M Wilhelm

I find inspiration in the history of decorative ceramics moving beyond conventional function and form, creating union between shape, ornamentation, and story. One particular theme in my work uses narrative of the dog to communicate the internal sense of belonging and comfort formed through companionship. These large decorative pieces are used not to convey a specific animal, but instead a feeling and our innate desire to belong. Aside from what dogs provide us emotionally in our current lives; within many canonic masterpieces they were essential to the meaning of the piece and depicted to symbolize protection, loyalty, and love. In my most recent body of work I am interested in how the layers of pattern and texture can call attention to the piece, provide visual direction, and emphasize depth within its decorative surface. A new interest in sewing has encouraged me to incorporate visual elements influenced by how patterns meet at a seam. They can interrupt one another, feel swallowed by an edge, or emphasize a rim and change our perception of the form. The work I make requires a great deal of hand painting and sitting down with each piece encourages me to ask questions about the relation between functional and decorative form.

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