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Johannette Rowley

Art reaches out and touches us in many ways – it makes us laugh, cry, think, question. We marvel at it, feel it, enjoy it and embrace it. We use it to remind us of our humanity, our connection to each other, our humor, our resiliency and the wonder of life. I love working with clay – no other medium has tempted me away from it's magic. It is both a simple and complex material to work with – it requires patience and diligence along with a surrendering to its nature. A nature that has many qualities, but grounded, earthy and filled with humility are the ones that are most appealing to me. Clay requires a collaboration to come into being – at every stage it needs a partner, whether that be wind, rain, fire, erosion or human contact. Whether naked, in it's most elemental form or dressed in the elaborate finery of a compelling glaze, it never loses its original earthy essence. I could live many lifetimes immersed in the practice of clay and still not come close to exploring all of its aspects.

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