In accordance with city guidelines, The Clay Studio has resumed quarterly classes. DATE NIGHTS are currently on hold due to the pandemic. You are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for future workshops (Date Nights will be back!)

Helge Speth

All my pieces are hand-built, mostly pinched. I treasure the intimate spontaneity of this technique and like to observe the clay to see what it might suggest when I take a chunk into my hands. Much of my work resembles forms from nature with a close connectedness to the earth. Organic shapes often spark ideas which lead to pleasing forms with an expression of their own. During the process of making, I try to remain receptive to the coincidental changes of the developing piece, so that I might preserve a sense of spontaneous, free-form gesture that captures the essence of my inspiration. The Raku method, with its unpredictable effects of flame and smoke, can create magical results. Recently, I have begun combining pieces of found rusty iron and wood in my work. These are a perfect juxtaposition to the shimmering Raku glazes. It is a primeval aesthetic that I strive to achieve, a sense of raw and unadulterated beauty without frills.

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